Current Events

dec events 01On December 31, 2016,  the Penobscot Nation Healing to Wellness Court Team hosted a very well-attended alcohol, drug-free New Year’s Eve Family Celebration and Farewell to our Community Building event. The following persons and businesses contributed to the event’s fun:

dec events 02Helpers: Gabe Paul, Gabriel Stewart, Pat Graffam, Jennifer Galipeau, Brooke Loring, Alivia Moore, Laurie Decontie, Candi Ewer, Phillip Attean, Rhonda Decontie, Eric Mehnert, Jill  Tompkins, Brianna Geary, and Ryan Tipping.

Donations: Decontie & Brown, Aqua Hair Salon, Ampersand’s, Hawkes & Mehnert, Margaritas Mexican Restaurant, Laurie Decontie, Hannaford’s, and Potluck Dish Contributors

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Opening Prayer and Blessing of Food: Neana Neptune and John Dennis

dec events 03Drummers: John Neptune, Dean Francis, Apemesin Galipeau, Damon Galipeau, and John Dennis

Community Building Photo Slide Show: Phillip Attean

Event Photo Booth: Jill Tompkins