Penobscot Nation

kkʷey (hello), and welcome to the home of the Penobscots
"...the oldest continuous government in the world..."

Alivia Moore

Carol Binette

Naomi Neptune

Jo-Ann Lolar

Jan Paul

Yvonne Francis-Ferland - Chair

Gary McGrane - Vice-Chair

Wayne Mitchell

Ron Bear

Kirk Francis

Troy Francis

Nicole Fields- President (temp)

Micheal Bush

Brooke Loing

Cheryl Francis

Gayle Phillips

Debra Kondilis - Chair

Nicole Fields

Kristin Peet

Cindi Marley

Cheryl Francis

Ron Bear

Candi Ewer

Faye Lawson

Donna Loring

Steven Paul - Chair

Clarice Chavaree-Hildreth  - Vice Chair

Phil Attean

Tricia Stewart

Joshua Woodbury