Annual General Meeting @ Sockalexis Arena

Community Events
06.02.2018 9:00 am - 10:00 am


This meeting will also include an informational session dealing with tribal annual financial audits, budgets and statements.

Agenda Items:

  1. Inland Fish & Game- Change from bulls only in Alder Stream to any sex
  2. Chapter 7 Inland Fish & Game Amendments
  3. Election Law Amendment- Section 4.1 Special Elections
  4. Chapter 8- Penobscot Nation Tribal Justice System Code
  5. Change Quarum Requirement for General Meetings
  6. Inland Fish & Game Amendment- Remove the Phrase "Fair Chase"
  7. Inland Fish & Game Amendment- Section 207- delete A , Amend F, Delete G
  8. Inland Fish & Game Amendment- Section 208- Deer, Delete A , Amend B, Delete C
  9. Inland Fish & GAme Amendment- Section 400- Deer Hunting Permits & Section 403 Deer Hunting Access Permits
  10. Change Elver License Process
  11. Require Any Changes to Tribal Law Passed at Annual General Meeting be changed within 90 days
  12. Inland Fish & Game Amendment- To Allow Non-member Deer Permittees to Shoot Coyotes during the week of their permit
  13. "Other" (Annual General Meeting)

Information regarding these agenda items will be made available in the Tribal Clerk's office prior to the meetings.