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For the convenience of all tribal members the following maps are downloadable here: Indian Island facilities & directions, trust land hunting maps, PIN reservation islands, and others.

To download a map, click either at the map name on text list, or at the patch on map below. Each map file is a pdf so you will need the free Adobe reader to view it. If you don’t have this software, click here the Adobe to download and install it. There is a brief description about each map. You can read it by holding your mouse over the map name in the list, before download. The majority of these maps fit on a letter size paper (8.5×11 inch), while some are in legal size (8.5×14 inch).

These maps can also be downloaded to your smart phone and used to navigate using the free Avenza Maps app.  You will be able to navigate offline, in real time, in the area of interest. The free version can hold up to 3 custom maps at a time in the app.  There are tutorials available online to learn more about navigating to an object, creating waypoints, tracks, polygons, and sharing them. 

Indian Island (updated in 8/2018)

Whole Island

Street Address

A home printer normally handles a letter or legal size paper, but this size of paper cannot hold readable street address for whole island. The address information was mapped on 3 map sheets: North Residental Area, Business Area–Oakhill road, and Lower Village. To help tribal government offices and programs for better outreach, a Business Area map was provided as well.


Drainage, Flood and Utility (added in 8/2018)

Office Building Floor Plan (added in 8/2018):

Office Building Floor Plan (added in 8/2018)

From a Blue Print: These maps are composed based on the newer version and well prepared floor plans, and verified and confirmed with limited on-site visit. Less modification was made.

From Other Draft: No current floor plan information was available when these maps were created. However some outdated rough draft information was found and referred for creation of the maps, and some modifications and corrections were made after site visits. Sarah Springs Manor map was created by physically measuring a one-bedroom and a two-bedroom unit inside respectively.

From on-site Visit: No existing floor information was available for these buildings. All mapping was made from multiple on-site visits and visual dimension estimate. No physical measurement was conducted. A floor plan of partial Olamon Building was found and used. More modifications and corrections were made accordingly.

Office buildings 01 19