Available Properties

The Penobscot Nation Housing Department serves a variety of households (family and elderly) with a variety of rental housing (single family, and multi-family units) by providing affordable and safe rents to Penobscot Nation members listed on the Tribal Census. Following is a list of the properties. To see which ones you might be eligible for and that might be most appropriate for you see the ‘Eligibility Requirements’ information sheet. Applicants are encouraged to contact the Housing Department to find out more about eligibility.


Single Family Housing

Single family housing is for Penobscot members with two or members in their household related by blood, family, or marriage. The Housing Commission determines ‘best fit’, which gives consideration to maximizing the use of these homes based on the household size.

The Nation operates 42 single family homes. Most of these are ranch homes built in the 1990’s. However, there are 7 contemporary homes. Three bedroom units predominate, but there are 10 4-bedroom units. Square footage ranges from 998 to 1657.

Single family homes are located in pleasant neighborhoods with yard space equal or greater to the building size. Nearly all units have either a garage or outside storage space. Tenants are responsible for mowing the lawn and plowing their driveway.

Each home is provided with a refrigerator. Washer/dryer hookups are available, and tenants are free to utilize these. The Nation pays for water and sewer utilities and provides regular trash pick-up.

Homes are generally serviced by an oil furnace located either in a separate room off the kitchen, or in an attached space to the house. Occupants pay for heat and electricity. 


Elder and Disabled HousingIMG 0017

This housing is restricted to Penobscot members over age 55 and those with disabilities. Elderly/Disabled housing is provided in two separate apartment buildings.

IMG 0113The Nohkomess Apartments comprise 8 units built in 1977 along the easterly shore of Indian Island. There are 4 2-bedroom and 4 1-bedroom units, ranging in size from 550 sf to 700 sf. All electricity and heat is provided by the Housing Department. Heat is via hot water baseboard.

There is a washer and dryer provided to be shared by 2 units. Access is into a shared room that can be locked from both sides. Utilization of the washer and dryer is provided on alternate days. A range and refrigerator are provided with each unit.



Sarah Springs Manor is located towards the interior of Indian Island with close access to the Walking Trail and the Indian Health Service. There are 10 units at Sarah Springs Manor, with 5 of these being 2-bedrooms and 5 having 1 bedroom. These units range in size from 550 to 700 sf.

Heat and hot water are provided to all units through a central boiler. Each unit is provided with a washer and dryer, along with a refrigerator and oven. These units are very accessible, being at ground level. Outside each unit is a small area that is covered for outdoor sitting.

There is a Common Room in Sarah Springs Manor, supplied with a sink and micro-wave and a bathroom. This area is often used to play cards or for exercise class or private functions by residents. Use is by appointment. Mailboxes are provided, and there is on-site trash disposal.

Each unit has ready access to 2 parking spaces. There is a hallway running through the center of the building, providing indoor access to other units.


Wenona ApartmentsPIN Apartments

These consist of 2 8-unit apartment buildings constructed in 2008 and 2010. Each building consists of six 1-bedroom and two 2-bedroom units for a total of 8 units in each building. The units themselves include a kitchen, living, bath, and bedroom (or 2). The buildings are 2 stories high with a large central stairway leading to the second floor.PIN 8 unit

Each building has one unit fit out for full ADA wheel chair accessibility. Other features on the first floor include a laundry room equipped with coin operated washers and dryers that are also ADA accessible. The laundry area also includes a sink, shelving, and other storage.

Tenants receive a utility allowance for electricity. Heat is provided through radiant floor heating, controlled by a thermostat in each apartment. Also included are a stove, range, and range hood.