Department of Health: Staff/Contact

Candy Henderly, Health Director
Nicole Fields, Assistant Health Director
Tricia Stewart, Purchased and Referred Care Coordinator          
Patricia Martin, Accounting Technician        
Lisa Mitchell, 3rd Party Billing Technician                                          
Nicholas Rossignol, Clinical Applications Coordinator
Elisha Sockbeson, Patient Intake Specialist
Carter Cates, Patient Intake Specialist
TBA, Registered Health Information Technician
Shannon Sapiel, Referral/Insurance Coordinator

Benjamin Huerth, M.D., Medical Director
Crystal Sutton, Family Nurse Practitioner
Nadine Villani, Family Nurse Practitioner
Margo Downing, RN/Community Health Care Manager
Becky O’Neil, Medical Assistant 
Brenda Fogler, Medical Assistant
Patrick Almenas,  Medical Assistant
David Butler, Pharmacist
Julie Dow, Pharmacy Technician
April Winter, Pharmacy Technician
Abby McCarthy, Diabetes Coord./Registered Dietitian/Community Health Educator
Paul Dow, Fitness Coordinator
Joe Larson, Patient Driver
Karen Vargas, Laboratory Technician
Rob Sockalexis, Aftercare Driver

Mental Health/Substance Abuse Counseling
Brooke Loring, Counseling Services Coord./Clinical Supervisor
Marie Mitchell, Counselor II/ Case Management Specialist
Dale Lolar, Counselor II
Elizabeth McConnon, Counselor II

Edward Robertson, DDS
Donna Harris, Dental Hygienist/Program Coordinator
Jessica Sockbeson, Dental Assistant
Susan Judson-Preble, Dental Hygienist
Andrea Young, Dental Assistant