Wabanaki Maine Families

Wabanaki Maine Families is a Home Visiting Program that supports Parents prenatally up to the baby reach three years.

Our program is Evidence- based Home visitors are trained to be culturally responsive and up to date on Early Childhood Development.

Home visitors are there to support families, single parents, adoptive parents, grandparents, whomever is parenting the child with connections to community resources and valuable early childhood information:
such as, toilet training, breastfeeding, birth plans, sibling rivalry, or any safety and health issues.

To empower parents with the tools and information so that they can give their child the best start and make the best instant decisions for their child.

 Our program also offers monthly group connections/play dates.

 During Home Visits  a Home visitor provides learning activities that parent and child can do together Activities are created by a National home visiting Parents as Teachers model.