National Workgroups

  1. NTAA The Air Program Manager has been the chairman of the NTAA since 2009.  The National Tribal Air Association was founded in 2002 with a grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency Office of Air and Radiation.  The mission of the NTAA is to advance air quality management policies and programs, consistent with the needs, interests, and unique legal status of American Indian Tribes and Alaska Natives.  NTAA goals are to:
    • Advocate and advance tribal environmental, cultural, and economic interests in the development of air policy at all levels of government (tribal, federal, state, local, and international).
    • Promote the development, funding, and capacity building of tribal air management programs.
    • Promote and facilitate air quality policy and technical information that may include research and scientific and medical studies.
    • Advance the recognition and acceptance of tribal sovereign authority by conducting effective communication and outreach to state, local, federal, and international agencies, and the general public.
    • Encourage and support appropriate consultation with all tribal governments in accordance with tribal structures and policies.      
  2. Tribal Science Council  (TSC)  The Air Program Manager was recently selected to chair the TSC. 
    • The Tribal Science Council (TSC), established in 1999, is a forum for interaction between Tribal and Agency representatives to work collaboratively on environmental science issues. The Council is comprised of EPA representatives from across the Agency, a tribal representative from each of the EPA regions with federally recognized tribes, and a representative of the Alaska Native Villages. The TSC is committed to the development of sound scientific approaches to meet the needs of Tribes.    
  3. National Tribal Operations Committee (NTOC)
  4. Regional Haze/ Ozone Transport Commission
  5. TAMS