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A Tribal Response Program is a way to implement the work plan that the Brownfield Coordinator and Qualified Environmental Professional have submitted to the EPA. The Coordinator is responsible for administering the grant and serves as a technical contact for the EPA Region 1 Tribal Program Officer as well as the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. The goal is to reach the “4 ELEMENTS” tasks as listed below.


Task 1- Establish or Enhance the Four Elements

  • Survey and Inventory of Brownfields Sites on Tribal Lands (Not Available COMING SOON)
  • Develop/Enhance Ordinances, regulations, and procedures for response programs
  • Review Site-Specific Quality Assurance Project Plans (SSQAPPS) and Cleanup Plans and Verify Completed Activities
  • Reporting

Task 2- Establish and Maintain the Public Record (Public Participation)

  • Record-Maintain files (All Public Files will be available in the Brownfields Coordinator office)
  • Develop Marketing Material –FLYER coming soon-Pamphlet
  • Hold Tribal Meeting- Notifications by email and in Tribal Newsletters

Task 3-Enhance the Response Program or Cleanup Capacity (Procedures & Documentation)

  • Records
  • Training for Brownfield Coordinator
  • Meeting with Federal and State Counterparts

Task 4-Site Specific Activities (Environmental Assessments)

  • Phase I Investigations
  • Phase II Investigations