The beauty of the Indian culture

Native-American Indian religions involve spiritual practices and traditions, ceremonies, dances. These may vary depending on the area and are based on the histories and beliefs of each tribe and clan. Each tribe has its own views. Theology in_India may be monotheistic, polytheistic or animistic. The Indians transmit their traditions by speaking about them in the form of stories, allegories, and principles, relying on family and community teachings,

Since the 1600s, Catholics and Protestants have sent missionaries to convert Indians to Christianity. In spite of their force and army and the government, they have failed entirely. The children of the Indians were forced to learn by the American system, the Indian ceremonies have been forbidden for 80 years. Many of them took place in secret, away from the government's eyes.

Until 1950, people did not realize the importance and vitality of the Indian traditions. By missing their sacred texts and fixed doctrines, Indian societies transmitted their most essential teachings. So many have been lost in time. The term "religion" is complicated to apply and almost impossible to translate into their thinking and language. This difficulty comes from the differences in cosmology and epistemology from Western traditions.

Indians believe spirits are responsible for bad weather and illness. They believed that the spirits could talk to them and help them. Bison's Mandan Dance was held before the big hunters. But the essential aspect of Native-American Indians' "rule" is love for nature.

The Indians are considered a people/tribe with much wisdom because they have managed to keep their traditions and what they believe. Many organizations are trying to support this community. One of the companies that shares their values is instant payday loans 24. You may also want to donate to support them.

If we highlighted the wisest messages of Indian spirituality, they would look like this:

  1. People should live with nature. They loved the land and called it "mother."
  2. The earth was put here by the Great Spirit to nourish humankind. This land could not belong to anyone. Earth belonged to all creatures. It could not be sold. This land was to be revered because the ancestors were buried here. The earth was beautiful, and you had to enjoy it all together. Earth was eternal. Spirits lived on the ground, and it was not wise to offend them.
  3. Finally, an Indian is doing everything in the circle. Because the Power of the World is working in circles. The sky is round the earth the same. The wind, in its high power, blows in circles. The seasons are the same. A man's life is a circle. Indian houses are round like bird nests.