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Acquiring Self-Sufficiency

The primary purpose of the Housing Department is to house members of the Penobscot Nation in safe, affordable, and descent housing. To help support you in successfully retaining housing once you receive it, and to assist you to become self-sufficient, the Housing Department offers a program called ROSS.

ROSS stands for ‘Resident Opportunity and Self Sufficiency’ and is funded by the same federal department that supports repair and management of the Nation’s housing. The purpose of the program is to help you achieve goals and reach self-sufficiency. Our mandate is not to provide the service, but to assist you to gain access to available services and resources.

Typical services made available through this program to residents of housing include: credit repair, employment, education, child care references, and various life skills development.

We encourage you to contact Velena at 817-7303 to discuss your situation, and how we might be of assistance.

ROSS Program Flyer

ROSS Program Workshop Opportunities

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