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Submit a Work Order

What is a Work Order?

The Housing Department utilizes a Work Order to track the status and progress of the work that is requested. Upon hearing about a problem or repair need a Work Order is established that lists the essential information, including: the address, person, and a description of the problem

Tenant reporting of problems or issues is highly encouraged. Often times by addressing a problem early we can avoid major expenses later, and reduce inconvenience to the tenant.

How to Initiate a Work Order

A tenant may initiate a Work Order by contacting the Housing Department at 817-7370 and requesting a work order be developed. Tenants may also obtain a Work Order by going directly to the Housing Department Office at 1 Nohkomess Street, Indian Island.

Under no circumstances shall work orders be accepted from tenants on a casual or verbal basis. Your work order requests are important. The best way to get them recorded is by having them entered into our Work Order system, which requires contacting our office directly.

Emergency Work Orders

An Emergency condition is one that threatens the life, safety, or health of the occupants or severely affects the dwelling unit / its immediate premises. All emergency work orders will be identified as such. Our goal is to respond within 12 hours or sooner.

During non-work hours (M-F, 8 to 4:30), Emergency Work Orders should be initiated by contacting the Police Dispatch at 817-7358.

The Police Dispatch will contact a housing employee to inform them about the problem.DO NOT call the Housing Department and leave a message for an emergency during non-work hours.

Summary of Key Tenant Responsibilities

  1. The Tenant or their designee is encouraged to be present in order for Housing Department staff to enter the home and complete Work Order requests.
  2. If the Tenant is not around and a mutually agreeable time to inspect and/or repair the problem can’t be found the Tenant will be asked to grant permission to enter the home without them being present.
  3. The Lease requires 24 hour notice to the tenant to enter a home for a repair or inspection. An emergency situation does not require notice.
  4. Per the Lease Agreement with the Housing Department, the tenant must ‘Permit MANAGEMENT reasonable access to the premises for the purpose of performing periodic inspections, for making improvements or repairs, to show the premises for re-leasing, and carrying out their normal course of duties
  5. Tenants must Promptly notify MANAGEMENT of need for any repairs to the leased premises.
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