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Meeting You on the Path to Good Health

Individual, one on one, nutrition counseling for weight management, disease prevention, and healthy eating.

Food as Medicine

How to use food for the management of diseases including, pre-diabetes, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, kidney disease, Celiac disease, cardiovascular disease, obesity etc.

Managing Blood Glucose

Helping you meet your target blood sugars! Offering assistance with blood glucose monitoring and the assessment of blood sugars with tools like continuous glucose monitoring and the fitbit.

Food Challenges

Acquire new cooking skills with hands on, one on one, cooking activities. Sample new foods! Cultivate a taste for healthy foods by increasing exposure to new foods and overcoming dislikes to foods or food textures.

Navigating the Grocery Store

Learn label reading, product comparison, and budgeting as well as how to select nutrient rich foods, how to store and prepare produce, and ideas for healthy meals and snacks.

Loose Weight Gain Vitality

Helping you stay motivated to reach your weight loss goals with food and exercise.

Physical Activity Planning

Create and reach exercise goals for the management and prevention of disease. (Penobscot Nation also offers exercise planning with a personal trainer.)

Contact Registered Dietitian, Abbey McCarthy for more information or to set up an appointment. Phone: 207-817-7426