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Penobscot Nation

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Chief's Message

Good afternoon,

We have continued to monitor the weather for tomorrow.  It appears that it will definitely start after midnight continuing throughout the entire day tomorrow.  While storms this time of year can be unpredictable it does now seem we will be receiving a significant amount of snow.   I think the best thing for us right now is to plan on being closed to allow for alternative planning and making sure we are preparing people in advance for any services they may need.   It appears that many local and state governments will also be closing with others such as schools waiting to . . .

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Our Mission is to work in unison with the Tribal Council and our Administration to protect Penobscot People, culture and our territory by the wise exercise of our Sovereign Powers; to promote prosperity and success for all of our people through the creation of economic and cultural opportunities while always maintaining the highest level of integrity; and to preserve our cultural values entrusted to us by our ancestors in order to pass them along to our children.

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The Penobscot Nation includes 17 departments and many sub programs within those individual departments. Please click on the links below to explore what the Penobscot Nation provides for services for our citizenry.