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Penobscot Nation

Information and Resources for The Oldest Government in the Western Hemisphere

wαpánahkik - at the dawn land


Message from the Chief

Dear tribal citizens, I hope you are in good health.  I am writing to share the sad news that another tribal citizen has passed.  We were informed this morning that Neil Clark, the son of Gwen Dewhirst, has died.  As I’m sure you are aware, the Annual General Meeting was scheduled for tomorrow.  In accordance with tribal law and our traditions, we will be rescheduling this meeting out of respect for Neil and his family.  We will set the new date as soon as possible.  Our heartfelt condolences go out to Neil’s family. We look forward to seeing you all . . .

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Our Mission is to work in unison with the Tribal Council and our Administration to protect Penobscot People, culture and our territory by the wise exercise of our Sovereign Powers; to promote prosperity and success for all of our people through the creation of economic and cultural opportunities while always maintaining the highest level of integrity; and to preserve our cultural values entrusted to us by our ancestors in order to pass them along to our children.

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The Penobscot Nation includes 17 departments and many sub programs within those individual departments. Please click on the links below to explore what the Penobscot Nation provides for services for our citizenry.