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The Penobscot Nation’s Health Center offers counseling services covering a wide array of mental health issues—from issues in life-style to addictions to major mental illness.

Individual Psychotherapy

In the context of a therapeutic relationship, helps people heal, change or adapt in their life by addressing both the troublesome symptoms and underlying causes of mental health problems.

Group Psychotherapy

involves identifying and resolving blocks to open communication and interaction among the group members. The group provides support and direction while its members develop self-awareness and build relationship skills, thus enabling positive change.

Couples Counseling

helps couples identify and resolve problems. The focus is on clarifying problems, improving communication skills, setting realistic expectations, defining individual and mutual responsibilities, as well as fostering intimacy within the relationship.

Family Counseling

helps a family work together more effectively and supports the growth and development of its members. This is done by exploring the symptomatic behavior of troubled members within the family system, and by helping create new, healthier patterns of interaction. It can help family members understand how past problems can impact current family life.

Child and Adolescent Counseling

focuses on the special needs of children, with sensitivity to their developmental, emotional, psychological and physical needs. In work with children, counselors often involve the family, school and sometimes social services agencies as part of a treatment team.

Addictions Counseling

to help prevent substance abuse, counsel people with drug and alcohol problems, and provide other services to people suffering from addiction.


Driver’s Education Evaluation Program to help clients gain back their driver’s license after an OUI.


Collaboration with the medical department offering addictions counseling and support while obtaining medication assisted treatment.