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Program Mission

The mission of the Forestry Program is to sustainably manage the forest resources of the Penobscot Nation for multiple uses.  

The members of the Penobscot Nation use the lands as a multiple use forest. Many hunt, fish, gather and hike across the land base. Others use motorized means of travel to explore what their lands have to offer. Sustainable forest management enhances the current forests, wildlife habitat, water quality and recreational opportunities while ensuring those characteristics will remain for future generations.


The Forestry Program’s primary responsibility is managing the Penobscot’s forest resources and harvesting program on both Trust and Fee lands according to approved management plans.  Some of our work includes:

  • Pre-harvest cruising,
  • Set up of harvest blocks and roads,
  • Supervision of harvesting and monitoring marketing of wood,
  • Targeting the enhancement of wildlife habitat.

Other projects we work on are:

  • Maintaining and painting boundary lines,
  • Monitoring insect and disease problems such as the use of purple traps for Emerald Ash Borer,
  • Monitoring and eradication of invasive plants such as Purple Loostrife,
  • Working with the USDA-NRCS to upgrade roads and replace stream crossings.