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The Cultural and Historic Preservation Department and the Cultural and Historic Preservation Committee strive to promote and preserve traditional teachings, cultural awareness, and historical accuracy of the Penobscot people. The department and committee work to address the cultural needs of the Penobscot people in the areas of, but not limited to:


Revitalize, sustain, and encourage the use of the Penobscot language by providing contiuning education opportunities.


Research, document, and present Penobscot history that depicts an accurate picture of the Penobscot.


Provide educational opportunities for Penobscots to develop a strong foundation of cultural awareness, and preserve traditional knowledge for future generations.


Provide a place that supports the material culture of the tribe.


Support the archaeologcial efforts of the tribe in protecting an documenting sites of cultural significance to the Penobscot people.


Provide accurate Penobscot history from a Wabanaki perspective through educational resource development to classrooms, schools, and other interested organizations.