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Chuck Loring Jr, DNR Director
Office phone: 207.817.7330

Faye Lawson, DNR Secretary
Office phone: 207.817.7331
[email protected]

Air Quality

Josh Paul,  Air Quality Manager
Office phone: 207.817.7340

Brownfields Program

Sean O’Brien,  Brownfields Program Coordinator
Office phone:  207.817.7338

Conservation Law Enforcement

Tim Gould, Game Warden Supervisor
Office phone: 207.817.7395

Logan Pardilla, Game Warden

Joshua Loring, Deputy Warden

Richard Adams, Deputy Warden
Office phone: 207.356.7820

Big Game Biologist

Benjamin Simpson, Biologist
Office Phone: 207.817.7363


Dan McCaw, Fisheries Biologist
Office phone: 207.817.7377


Ben Stevens, Forester Mgr.
Office phone: 207.817.7339

GIS Mapping

Binke Wang, GIS Specialist
Office phone: 207.817.7341

Water Resources

Dan Kusnierz, Water Resources Program Manager
Office phone: 207.817.7361

Jason Mitchell, Water Resources Field Coordinator
Office phone: 207.817.7381

Shantel Neptune, Water Resources Field and Lab Technician

Angie Reed, Water Resources Planner
Office phone: 207.817.7360