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Annual Progress Report (APR) for Housing Available for Comment

Each year the Tribe submits an APR for the Indian Housing Block Grant, highlighting accomplishments compared to plans and budgets for the prior year.   Those wishing to review and or comment on the FY2020 APR should see the attached link, or call 817-7370 for a copy.   Comments should be sent to the Penobscot Nation Housing Department, 12 Wabanaki Way, Indian Island, 04468.   Public comment is solicited up to February 13th, 2021.  Any comments received will be summarized and submitted along with the final report, which was approved for submittal by the Tribal Council at their December, 2020 meeting.  

APR Report FY 2020



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Low-Income Housing Tax Credit Property

During the shut-down the Housing Department will have up to 2 staff responding to health and safety threats, as needed. Due to limited staff we will prioritize housing emergencies that either are or can be anticipated to impact health and safety. This article explains the procedures you should use to let us know of problems. Residents in tribal housing and homeowners that are income eligible will be assisted to address housing problems such as: leaking pipes, faulty electrical systems, broken or non-working furnaces, and other unsafe situations. We request that other non-emergency work requests be put on hold until we return to full staffing.

Residents of tribal rental housing are requested to contact us as described below. Please provide your name, address, and a quick description of the problem you are experiencing. Our policy is to address these problems within 24 hours of notice, and sooner when threats to health and safety and property are recognized. While housing staff seek to identify problems through annual inspections and other means each tenant has the responsibility to report to us when things are not operating as intended. We want you to have a safe and well-functioning home. During this health emergency as people are requested to ‘lay low’ more than ever we want to make sure that your health and safety is maintained with a home where all systems and building components perform as they should.

For homeowners experiencing housing problems that impact their health and safety please use the contact information below.  A short application is required to process and approve your request.  The most important aspect of documenting eligibility is your income and proof of homeownership. We will have applications available outside the housing office to pick up.  Please return the completed application to our office at 2 Nohkomes Street when we are open.  See the Note below.   




Lisa Pardilla, Housing Secretary

Office Phone:  207.817.7370

Email: Lisa.Pardilla (at) penobscotnation.org

Leave your name, address, and a short description of the emergency. If NOT an emergency, please note this in your contact with us, and we will record your request and follow up when things return to normal.


If an emergency can’t wait to contact us during normal business hours, please contact the Penobscot Nation Police Dispatch at 207.817.7358. 


Maintenance staff will be occasionally in the office to get messages and follow up on emergency work orders. In addition, the Housing Director will be available on a regular basis. His hours will be posted on the office door so you can plan to come by when he is available. 

The Penobscot Nation Housing Department was re-organized in 2000 to become that part of Tribal Government responsible for safe, quality and affordable housing.   Since its inception in 1978 tribal housing development has created nearly 150 units of affordable housing, nearly 1/3 of which have been conveyed into private ownership.  Today, the Housing Department serves as a resource for a number of housing activities to assist tribal members.

The Housing Department  manages nearly 94 units of single and multi-unit housing for income eligible households.   Applicants may apply for single bedroom up to 4 bedroom homes, as well as designated elderly and disabled units.   In addition, the Housing Department operates a number of other programs that provide emergency rental assistance; emergency repairs for owner-occupied homes; and assistance with closing costs associated with home purchases.   Through partnerships the Housing Department has also been instrumental in developing new housing; fighting crime, supporting youth programs, providing essential community facilities, and assisting the elderly while supporting the operations of the 6-bed assisted living facility.

Services are focused primarily on Penobscot Tribal lands, but support is also provided nearby, and all are encouraged to contact the Housing Department if they are looking for housing help and to discuss available services.