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Message From The Chief

Dear Tribal Citizen,

I hope you and your family are well.  As you may be aware, there was a fire at the Juniper Ridge landfill last night.  Anytime something like this happens we are concerned for the health and safety of people and our environment.  

Many of you are in the middle of the fiddlehead harvest and enjoying other river activities in this area and while we cannot say at this time there is any danger, we want you to be aware of the fire.   

Our Department of Natural Resources is working diligently to get the information we need to decide on our next steps. They have reached out to the Department of Environmental Protection for more information on exactly what took place and what the concerns are and are awaiting a reply.  They have also contacted the Environmental Protection Agency at the Region 1 office as our trustee, to ask for support in understanding what happened and what potential risks exist for Penobscot Nation.  

Thank you to all that brought this to our attention.  We have a responsibility to understand what happened and if this facility poses a threat to Penobscot people and resources now and in the future.  We will continue to update you as we receive more information.

In Brotherhood,

Kirk E. Francis, Chief   

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