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Penobscot County Emergency Management Agency SNAP Relief

We’re still aggressively working with our utility providers to prioritize restoration efforts and coordinating resources. We’ve been fielding numerous inquiries on individual assistance, particularly lost perishable goods. Below are two resources to share with your communities. An updated utility work list of restoration locations should be coming out soon and I’ll be sure to forward it as soon as it comes in.

Anyone with Snap benefits can get food replaced. To be eligible, residents must be without power for at least eight hours. DHHS will verify power outage and if the SNAP household is eligible, DHHS will replace up to one month’s worth of SNAP benefits.

Claims must be filed with the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) within 10 days of having electricity restored to the home. Call Maine DHHS at 855-797-4357 and/or visit to complete a form to file a claim.

To find a food pantry.  If you type in the zip code it will list all of the pantries.

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