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The Penobscot Nation is currently reviewing or working on the following:

1. Solar Energy Projects: Installing solar panels on reservation land is a great way for the Penobscot Indian Nation to generate their own sustainable energy. This may include large-scale solar farms and is currently being reviewed as a hybrid project on Penobscot lands, to include wind energy.

2. Wind Energy Projects: Wind energy is an important renewable source of energy for the Penobscot Indian Nation. Installing wind turbines on Penobscot-owned land can help the Tribe generate its own energy. A hybrid wind/solar farm is currently under discussion with the federal Department of Energy.

3. Hydroelectric Power Projects: Constructing small-scale hydroelectric power projects on Penobscot land is under consideration and review for ecotourism usage.

4. Biomass Projects: Utilizing biomass energy sources, such as wood, wood waste and possibly agricultural and/or animal waste can help the Penobscot Indian Nation generate sustainable energy. A concept paper for a biomass plant has been presented to the Department of Energy and is currently under discussion.

5. Microgrid and Rooftop Solar: Separately from the projects listed above, the Penobscot Nation is working on creating a microgrid for its buildings on the Indian Island reservation, to include administration, Fire and Police, Health Clinic and School.

In addition to these sustainable energy projects, the Penobscot Indian Nation is also creating energy efficiency where possible. This may include energy-efficient buildings, increased insulation, and improved energy management. A new community center is currently under planning with construction to begin in 2023. This community center is being planned with full energy efficiency measures, as well as rooftop solar for the building. Doing so can help reduce energy usage and costs for the tribe, in addition to generating renewable energy.