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The Penobscot Nation is the guardian and interpreter of the Penobscot culture and its arts,  knowledge system, and spiritual traditions – past, present, and future. We have the right – and obligation – to protect our intellectual property and its strong connection to our ancestral lands and territories.

Therefore, we require that anyone wishing to begin a research/study project – or even to make an inquiry – about any aspect of the Penobscot Nation contact the Penobscot Nation Cultural and Historic Preservation Department to set up a consultation. 

Meanwhile, we will continue to develop this section of our website to ensure researchers are aware of and follow the necessary protocols.  We appreciate your cooperation.

For more information about researching the Penobscot Nation, please contact:

James Eric Francis Sr.
Tribal Historian
Penobscot Nation
12 Wabanaki Way 
Indian Island, Maine  04468
[email protected]
Phone: (207) 817-7472
Fax: (207) 817-7450