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With the approaching storm Hurricane Lee, the Penobscot Nation Emergency Management

Program PNEMP, would like all citizens to be aware of the latest information and informational tips as the storm prepares to make landfall sometime on Saturday September 16th.

The PNEMP, remains in constant contact with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Maine Emergency Management Agency, and the Bureau of Indian Affairs Emergency Services Agency, as they provide updated information of the storm and potential resources they can provide, if needed.

The most recent information we have received, is that the hurricane will be downgraded to a tropical storm when it impacts the State of Maine. The areas that are expected to take the most severe impact from the storm, are the immediate coast, and the down east sections of the state.

As for the reservation, we are still expected to receive heavy rains and high winds with gusts upwards of 30-45 mph. With that, we expect possible downed trees, limbs, minor flooding, and potential power outages.

In preparation for the storm and the impacts to our community, the Emergency Management Program is passing along the following information and tips to help you through this event.


  • Clear yard of items that could be blown around by strong winds.
  • Have an emergency kit available.
  • Fully charge your electronic devices.
  • Fill gas containers if using a generator for power outages.
  • Have flashlights and supply of batteries on hand.
  • Have a list of emergency contact numbers posted in an easily accessible location.

EMERGENCY SHELTER – If the need arises for the opening of an Emergency Shelter, it will be located at the Sockalexis Arena. The shelter will provide a place to charge phones, tablets, and other electronic devices, along with providing storm updates and information of where to obtain storm related resources. The opening of the shelter will be posted on the tribal website and Facebook page. If there is a power outage that affects these media sites, notification will be done door to door with a paper flyer.

POWER OUTAGES- If the community loses power, we will remain in contact with Versant Power, so that we receive the most current information on when power will be restored. If portable generators are used during an outage, we ask that the generators are operated in a safe and well-ventilated location, to avoid any carbon monoxide poisoning situations.

DOWN TREES- If you experience any issues of downed trees or limbs, please contact the Department of Public Safety, so that a safety assessment can be conducted to determine the threat level to the community.  

DOWN POWER LINES – If you discover a fallen power line, do not touch the line, and call 911 immediately. Stay away from the line and await the arrival of public safety personnel.



                                          Non-Emergency 817-7358

FIRE DEPARTMENT- Emergency -911

                                     Non-Emergency -817-7358

DOWN POWER LINE- Emergency- 911

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT- 817-7397/ 817-7358

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