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Penobscot Water Song

This Penobscot (nepi) water song was written by Gabriel Paul at the request of his aunt after hearing Doreen Day’s Ojibwe Nibi (Water) Song and her encouragement for other tribes to create their own song

Gabe is from the Crow and Eel Clan and has been learning our language from a very young age.  He currently is teaching Penobscot at the Cultural and Historic Preservation Department.  He continues to learn and share the Penobscot language with everyone who will listen.  

The vocals are performed by Gabe’s niece Leigh Neptune who is also from the Eel Clan, made it even more beautiful with her voice.  Leigh is currently in college but continues to pursue her singing career.

The sound engineering was done by Josh Woodbury of the Turtle Clan, who used the sound of Sarah Springs in the background.  Sarah Spring is an old ground fed spring here on Pαnawαhpskek that our ancestors used to use for their water supply. 

Gabe and his niece, Leigh, give permission for everyone to share this song.

“Please see the limitations on the original license to the Water Song here: Creative CommonsAttribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. “

In Penobscot:
kči-wəliwəni nəpi

In English:
we love you
thank you so much water
we respect you