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Message From The Chief

Good Afternoon,

We still have no definitive updates on power restoration. Obviously this has gone on a lot longer than anticipated and created a lot of challenges, as we get more information we will pass along. Today at 6pm we will be offering a drive through spaghetti dinner at sockalexis arena. Also starting at 6 our warming shelter will be open at the clinic and will be staffed and remain open throughout the remainder of the outage. The Public Safety department will be providing cots and other supplies for those that need it.

If you have power please check on family. We will make further announcements as we get more info and have plans for tomorrow as well should things drag on that long. We are here and the staff is working hard on the multitude of demands on them to meet our basic needs. Thank you to them. Please Stay Safe!!

All the best to you and families.

Kirk E Francis, Chief

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