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The Penobscot Nation Child Support Agency (PNCSA) is completing a review of the agency’s child support guidelines. PNCSA currently follows Maine Title 19A Chapter 63: Child Support Guidelines. PNCSA has posted the materials to the tribal website to review. The materials are the table that the agency uses for calculating child support, the child support worksheet, supplemental worksheet (which is not used often) along with directions on how child support is calculated.

PNCSA is also able to request of the court, an alternative way to pay called in-kind. This is done when the person who owes child support is having a hard time to pay with money. In-kind helps non-custodial parents meet their weekly child support obligation. In-kind needs to be agreed upon by both parties, be included in a child support order, have an amount assigned to it and used temporarily to address current child support, not arrears.

In 2016 the state of Maine went from a two-tiered table in which the child support amount was adjusted at the age of 12 to a single tiered child support table. PNCSA will be posting this information for a week on the Tribal website and will hold a zoom public hearing on Thursday, July 28, 2022, 1:00pm to 2:00pm. Feedback is limited to the guideline table, how we calculate and worksheets. For further questions please contact Mali Williams at (207) 817-7355. Thank you for your cooperation.  

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